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Ciekawy artykuł o sytuacji LGBT w Libanie: 

If there is one exception, it has been Lebanon. While the law can still penalize homosexual acts, Lebanese society has slowly grown more tolerant as activists have worked for more rights and visibility.

In 2013, the Lebanese Psychiatric Society said homosexuality did not need to be treated as a mental disorder. Judges have rejected cases being prosecuted under a law that makes sex “contrary to nature” illegal. And this year, Lebanon held its first ever Beirut Pride Week, full of events, if not an actual parade.

What has helped make the difference is a culturally diverse society, a mostly independent media and the relative ease of registering nongovernmental organizations, says Georges Azzi, who runs the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality, an advocacy group.

Kulturowe zróżnicowanie społeczeństwa, niezależne media, relatywna łatwość rejestrowania organizacji pozarządowych. Czy to przypadkiem nie rzeczy, na których trochę nam w Polsce zbywa, albo wkrótce będzie zbywać, gdy już rząd uzdrowi wszystko jak należy? 

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